Bestargot titanium cookware set on the grass Bestargot titanium cookware set on the grass
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Titanium French Press

Sip in style, whether you are enjoying a morning coffee or a happy hour beverage. Bestargot's dependable gear seamlessly complement any occasion.

Wood Burning Grill x Stove

Cooking & eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.


Bestargot 燒烤和消防烤架[僅在美國提供]

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  • Food Grade Stainless Steel
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這 Bestargot 燒烤和消防烤架由耐用的不銹鋼製成,可在一生中使用。可包裝,便攜式和模塊化,使用 Bestargot 燒烤和消防烤架在任何地方創建聚會。五件套件包括燒烤網,燒烤橋,可調節的3層支架,底板和攜帶箱。

在烤架上嘶嘶作響的燒烤是難忘的戶外燒烤的最大樂趣嗎? Bestargot 推出了三層戶外燒烤烤架,希望使戶外派對愛好者吃得更愉快。


  • 重量:  <16.5磅(8.5公斤)
    • 尺寸: 14.4“(365mm)(L)x 14.4”(365mm)(W)x 13.6“(345mm)(H)(H)
      • 材料:  不銹鋼
      • 多功能的: 適用於戶外野餐,露營,燒烤和篝火。可以煮熟并快速清潔。 Bestargot 燒烤和消防烤架非常容易組裝和拆卸存儲。
      A man sits by the railroad tracks and pours coffee

      The prefect coffee is waiting

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      Nothing beautiful than nature

      Gathering with others outdoors is the modern life.