野營 Pixel-Grill 手册

pos。 設備
(1) 1 x烤架
(2) 1 x頂部聚集消防板
(3) 2 x帶徽標的長側面板
(4) 1 x帶圓孔的頭面板
(5) 1 x頭木炭添加面板
(6) 1 x腳麵板帶管道固定孔
(7) 1 x底部木炭面板
(8) 1 x固定底座
(9) 1 x燃燒器管
(10) 1 x氣管帶有螺絲器調節器
(11)  2 x拼接爐子支架


To set up Bestargot Camping Pixel-Grill, proceed as follows:

1)Take one long side panel (3) with the Bestargot logo on it and slide the foot panel (6) with pipe fixed hole on to it at the corresponding slits.
2)Slot the other long side panel (3) onto the foot panel (6) at the slim slits on the side with the Bestargot logo.

3)Slide the bottom panel (7) into the foot panel (6), pointed side down. Install the left and right long panel (6) together on the bottom panel (6).

4)Slide the hooks side of burner pipe (9) into the slits on the side panels (6).
5)Take the head panel (4) and slide the round end of the burner pipe (9) through the round hole of the head panel (4). The curvature of the head panel should be on the inside of the grill.
6)Drop the head panel (4) into place, with the slits fitting smoothly onto the side panels (3).

Camping grill gas stove installation