Scenery you haven't seen in Shenzhen, Qiniang Mountain, Hiking Trails

Scenery you haven't seen in Shenzhen, Qiniang Mountain, Hiking Trails

Qiniang Mountain (Qiniang Shan) is the one of main peak in Shenzhen China, with an altitude of 869 meters. It is the second highest peak in Shenzhen after Wutong Mountain (Wutong Shan). The forests in the mountain is lush, and the evergreen broad-leaved forests that have not been destroyed by humans are preserved. Qiniang Mountain has abundant rainfall, and clouds and mists are easy to form. Yunfeng shuttles in the boundless sea of clouds, and the scene changes rapidly.

Legend has it that seven fairies, which is translated as Qiniang in Chinese, descended to the earth to play on this mountain. This is the origin of the name Qiniang Mountain. Qiniang Mountain has lush vegetation and beautiful scenery, especially the invincible sea view from the top of the mountain, and the steep and rugged road up the mountain is a good place for play and training, and it is also a must-see for every mountaineering enthusiast in Shenzhen.

Covering 40.3 km. sq., there's more than a day-trip here so camping out can really broaden your opportunities for hiking. Given its increasing popularity, there should be plenty of opportunities to make new friends along the way.

Line Highlights

Dapeng Peninsula is one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China. About 145-135 million years ago, the Qiniang Mountain area experienced at least two major volcanic eruptions, forming volcanic structures such as craters, volcanic cones, and volcanic pillars. The landforms and landscapes in mountainous areas are more abundant, and the landform pattern of "mountain and sea interdependence" from the ocean to the high mountains is a natural classroom for the popularization of volcanic geological knowledge.

When you stand on the top of the mountain and blow the cool sea breeze, look at the invincible sea view surrounded by the sea on three sides, watch the clouds and mists form and flutter with the wind, and look at the Hong Kong Sai Kung and Tung Peng Chau on the other side, the east and west coastlines are all under your feet, Huizhou Sanmen Island, When the Xunliao coast of Daya Bay in Huizhou is undoubtedly exposed, all the sweat is worth enjoying at the moment

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