Camping Wood Burning Stove You Can't Miss in 2022

Camping Wood Burning Stove You Can't Miss in 2022

There's something magical about experiencing the basic elements of wind, earth and water when you are backpacking. The Bestargot Pixel-Grill adds the missing element, fire.

The stainless steel folding stove sets up in seconds. The sturdy and rational design lets you add fuel from the side feed ports easily. In terms of fuel, the Bestargot Pixel-Grill accommodates sticks from around the campsite, wood pellets, alcohol burners, and even charcoal briquettes. It’s your choice. Airflow through open ports keeps the flames burning hot. Put your cooking pot on the top of the stable Bestargot Pixel-Grill and dinner is ready in just a few minutes. After dinner, let the stove cool, fold it down and you are ready to go.

In terms of size, the designer compared several common wood burning stove on the market. After careful analysis and research, the designer finally set the size at the perfect 20(L)x15(W)x22(H) cm. This size can be filled with sufficient fuel to make the flame more vigorous. Thanks to this, this makes your dinner time faster. At the same time, it will not make the product too large and bulky, increasing the weight of the camper's hiking. Everything fits properly.

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