The 10 Hiking Essentials You Need to Safely Hit the Trail

By the time you read this post, maybe you've already planned your camping trip, we have in-depth backpacking guides to some of the most , hope it helps.
The 10 Hiking Essentials You Need to Safely Hit the Trail
1.Navigation & Communication: GPS app, Satellite messenger, paper map & compass
2.Sun Protection: Broad-brimmed hat, gaiter, sunscreen, UPF clothing

3.Clothing: proper footwear, rain gear, and insulated clothing

4.Emergency Shelter: could be as lightweight as a space blanket of emergency bivy
5.Titanium cookset for direct heating: Titanium products are lighter and have antibacterial properties, use it when you want to drink water or heat food
6.Food: more calories than you anticipate needing
7.Headlamp: fully charged and/or with a spare set of batteries

8.First Aid + Repair Kit: everything you need to fix you and your gear

9.Knife (or Multi-Tool): small utility blade or a multi-tool to assist with gear repair

10.BONUS: Bag to pick up trash: Picking up trash you find on the trail is a great way to proactively make the world a better place.

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