What kind of charcoal grill is good for outdoor barbecue?

What kind of charcoal grill is good for outdoor barbecue?

At present, the common barbecue charcoal fuels on the market can be divided into four categories: natural wood, wood charcoal, machine-made charcoal, and natural pellet charcoal. These four fuels are slightly different in terms of composition, production method, burning time, burning heat, and burning time. :


1. Natural Wood

Natural wood is the most original and long-lasting barbecue fuel. It is often a variety of fruit trees, such as apple tree, pear tree, jujube tree, lychee tree, etc. After cutting the tree directly, it is sawed into sections and then cut into suitable sizes. Just let it dry, and it can be used directly when grilling. It is more common in the secret roasting workshops handed down from the folk, such as roast duck, roast suckling pig, roast whole lamb and other traditional delicacy workshops.

Characteristics: original ecology, original flavor, suitable for barbecue food with special flavor; but the raw materials are scarce, the use environment is relatively limited, inflexible, and the open flame is smokey, easy to jump sparks, burning fire is difficult to control during barbecue, not suitable Ordinary household use.


2. Wood Charcoal

Wood charcoal is a barbecue fuel that is processed after cutting down woods, including various hardwoods, fruit trees, and miscellaneous woods. This kind of fuel is currently the closest to the original ecology and practical barbecue charcoal. The shape mostly retains the branch shape of the log itself, and it is easy to ignite. When grilling, it emits a smell of firewood from childhood memories. The barbecue family has a kind of apple raw charcoal. It is a barbecue charcoal that has been distilled to extract harmful substances such as wood tar, safe and healthy, and very suitable for household barbecues.

Characteristics: second only to natural trees, original ecology, original flavor, smokeless, lack of resources, easy to ignite, but the burning time is slightly shorter than that of machine-made charcoal.


3. Machine-made charcoal

Nowadays, when we play barbecue, we basically use machine-made charcoal. There are two common types: strip type and ball type. The ball type is easier to ignite compared to the long type, but there is no long type that is resistant to burning, because the long type Charcoal will be denser during the pressing process, which is why it is not easy to ignite. There are a wide range of raw materials for machine-made charcoal, such as rice husks, cotton husks, corn cobs, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, bean stalks and other wood scraps; when used for barbecue, machine-made charcoal such as bamboo chips, rice husks, and coconut husks is the best shape. The spherical machined charcoal is the most combustible and resistant to burning.

Characteristics: high density, high calorific value, does not explode sparks, is relatively difficult to ignite (it is recommended to use igniting wax to ignite), has a long burning time, and is very convenient for commercial and domestic use.

At present, the quality of machine-made charcoal on the market is uneven, so be careful when choosing. Some black-hearted businesses will add some leaves, plastic products and other sundries to the scraps to reduce costs. Health is also harmful. It is not possible to directly judge the material of the machine-made charcoal, and you can only avoid some low-quality charcoal from the price. Therefore, you should not be greedy for cheap charcoal, and you should choose the barbecue machine charcoal of a regular brand as much as possible.


4. Wood Pellet

Wood pellet charcoal is a new type of barbecue fuel. European and American countries are now more enthusiastic. It is a barbecue fuel that mixes various natural wood chips in a certain proportion according to the needs and then presses them into small particles; different mixing methods, It can produce different scents when burned; it is mostly used for smoking and grilling in the smoker, using intelligent feeding, time controllable, and the grilled ingredients are particularly delicious.

Characteristics: unique fragrance, large smoke, suitable for smoking and grilling, and need to be used with professional smoking and grilling stoves.

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