Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot

Bestargot BBQ et Fire Grill [disponible uniquement aux États-Unis]

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Le barbecue et le gril à feu Bestargot sont en acier inoxydable durable pour une vie d'utilisation. Emballable, portable et modulaire, utilisez le Bestargot BBQ et Fire Grill pour créer un rassemblement n'importe où. L'ensemble de cinq pièces comprend le filet de grill, le pont grillé, le support à 3 couches réglable, la plaque de base et le boîtier de transport.

Le barbecue grésillant et parfumé n'est-il pas le plus grand plaisir d'un barbecue en plein air inoubliable? Bestargot a lancé une grille de barbecue en plein air à trois couches, dans l'espoir de rendre les amateurs de fête en plein air plus agréables.

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  • MASSE:  <16,5 lb (8,5 kg)
    • TAILLE: 14.4 "(365 mm) (l) x 14,4" (365 mm) (w) x 13,6 "(345 mm) (h)
      • MATÉRIEL:  Acier inoxydable
      • Multifonctionnel: Convient pour le pique-nique en plein air, le camping, le barbecue et le feu de camp. Peut être cuit et nettoyé rapidement. Bestargot BBQ et Fire Grill sont très faciles à assembler et à démonter le stockage.
      Bestargot Camping

      We believe gathering with others outdoors is an antidote to the stresses of modern life.

      Built Tough

      The use of durable materials is our craftsmanship.

      For Backpacking

      Product design thinking always to be portable for backpackers.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Bestargot fireplace is a beautifully designed object.

      Bestargot fireplace grill is a beautifully designed grill. We had wanted one forever. Finally decided it was perfect got our Airstream Interstate and camping lifestyle. It’s not light. But neither is the Airstream! It’s well constructed of Stainless Steel and looks and feels like it’ll last a Century. It’s perfect for cooking or just burning MAGA hats you find out in the world! Smaller MAGA banners will fit too once you get a good fire going. Let’s agree to disagree! You can have your hats and I can have the perfect fireplace to incinerate them!

      Elmer Ison
      Perfect and thick not cheap steal its thick thick stainless I live in indiana and got it quick

      Omg we use it all the time now here my brother in law is cooking like 12 burgers 🍔 and its also so light to carry I've only used wood in it and no chemicals and have had it for over a year no rust

      Zoltan Takacs
      Perfect, but..

      The craftmanship, quality is superb, but it is a tad on a heavy side..

      High quality worth the price

      An outstanding portable fire pit. Burns evenly and thoroughly, leaving only ash. The adjustable height rack is very good. Everything packs easily and flat into the sturdy canvas carry bag. This sucker is heavy, so forget about backpacking it. Great for car camping, though. Other campers have expressed admiration of this piece of gear. No regrets on this purchase.

      Fantastic fire pit and grill

      Sturdy construction, all stainless steel, legs cool to the touch, level cooking surface, even amount of heat across entire cooking surface, can add and move wood while cooking. It's amazing!