We care about our planet
Our promise for the changing environment


Just as we love outdoor camping, outdoor sports and our outdoor business, we love our planet even more.
We support and are expressly committed to the environmental law LNT (Leave No Trace) to use outdoor skills to have as little impact as possible on land, water, plants and animals in the natural environment. Similarly, we all try our best to incorporate our focus on environmental protection into our product design, product materials, and even advertising and packaging.

Titanium is chosen as the material for the core product because we hope outdoor enthusiasts only need to buy one of our products and use it for a very long time. Titanium is light in weight, high in hardness, has good corrosion resistance, is durable and strong. Durable than aluminum alloy and lighter than stainless steel. This is the perfect choice for outdoor gear.

As long as we pay more attention to this land, the earth we live on can be fresher and more beautiful. Let's express our concern for environmental protection together, and make our outdoor environment healthier and cleaner.


To continue our efforts to protect the environment and minimize our impact, we have set a goal to reduce the amount of waste generated by our packaging. We use packaging that eliminates single-use plastic and excessive packaging, and we are transitioning from bleached paper to natural kraft corrugate. This means eliminating Styrofoam and enhanced polyethylene foam (EPE), and replacing them with paper cardboard inserts and converting air bubble wrap to tissue paper.