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Your Benefits With A Camping Gas Grill!

Bestargot - the world's first plug-and-play pixel grill - is always ready, no matter where you are. It accompanies you on every thrilling journey and supports you for every meal on the go. You don't have to worry about space issues anymore, because you can easily stow it anywhere. Whether in a backpack, trunk, or campervan, hit the road and enjoy treats along the way.

Bestargot Pixel's advantages at a glance!

Are you still laboriously using all kinds of tools in your garage to make an unstable hobo stove? Are you still using campfires when camping, even though you know it damages the ground? Say goodbye to this past now! Use the Pixel Grill by Bestargot, making your camping adventure has never been so easy. This camping grill is made of stainless steel and is extremely durable. Thanks to its plug-and-play design, this camping grill can be used anywhere and anytime and can be stored compactly if necessary, as it's only the size of an iPad. The grill is named Pixel Grill because of its expandable functions. By simply swapping out some parts, it can be transformed into a camping gas grill. We also plan to bring additional accessories with various functions such as grill skewers or smoking accessories for fish to the market in the future.

Compared to larger grills, you benefit from the following factors:

  • Safe to use at any time - a table-safe camping grill
  • Lightweight (only 1.3 kg)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean after disassembly
  • High-quality steel - durable - resistant
  • Burns wood and coal
  • Or use a gas bottle for easy grilling pleasure
  • Stainless steel cooking surface (grill area: 20cm x 15cm)
  • Expandable (future accessory additions)

Stufa da campeggio, acciaio inossidabile, sistema di cottura pieghevole, design portatile

Prezzo di listino $69.99 Prezzo scontato$38.99
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  • WEIGHT:  <3.5 lbs (1.6kg)
  • SIZE: 7.9" (200mm) (L) x 6" (150mm) (W) x 8.7" (220mm) (H)
  • STORAGE SIZE: 9.5" (240mm) (L) x 7.9" (200mm) (W)
  • MATERIAL:  Stainless Steel
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Suitable for outdoor picnic, camping, BBQ and Campfire. Can be cooked and cleaned quickly. Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill is very easy to assemble and disassemble storage.
  • PIXEL-Grill Manual EN PDF

In addition to the Bestargot Charcoal Pixel Grill, which enables you to enjoy pleasant camping grilling, the upgraded Bestargot Gas Pixel Grill is also an even more powerful camping tool. This camping gas grill from Bestargot, in addition to using wood and charcoal as raw material, also has a straight tube burner function that can be powered by gas. The Bestargot Gas Pixel Grill ensures a more stable and efficient grilling performance, without the risk of the grill failing due to insufficient burning power. Plus, there's no ash or smoke, making the environment cleaner during grilling. Such a Bestargot camping gas grill is worth owning!

For the sake of the environment!

Our planet is close to our hearts: That's why Bestargot is made of high-quality stainless steel and is made for life! With the right care, we guarantee that you'll experience new adventures with it for years to come. Small gas grills are great for a journey or a trip to the next lake or park.

Camping Portable Wood Gas Stove with Pipe Burner, Backpack Stove, for Solo Camping, Hiking, Picnic

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Why is the Bestargot Pixel Grill the perfect small gas grill?

Pixel Grill is the hero among the small gas grills: Quickly assembled and heated, it matches the power of the big grills. Its extra space-saving packed size makes it an all-rounder on every trip or in the domestic environment.

How much does a small gas grill cost?

Our camping grill costs 39.99 Euros and with the right care, it brings you pure joy for your entire life. You've never been this flexible while grilling: Grab it and bike to your favorite place or embark on great hiking adventures.

Where to put the gas grill when traveling?

Your next adventure is at the doorstep and you need to pack space-saving? Whether it's a car, van, or backpack – with its 1.3 kg and an extremely flat packed size, you barely notice you're carrying a grill.