1100ML Pot with Pan Ti-Combo Set - Pot & Pan - BestargotCamp
1100ML Pot with Pan Ti-Combo Set
1100ML Pot with Pan Ti-Combo Set - Pot & Pan - BestargotCamp
1100ML Pot with Pan Ti-Combo Set - Pot & Pan - BestargotCamp
1100ML Pot with Pan Ti-Combo Set - Pot & Pan - BestargotCamp
1100ML Pot with Pan Ti-Combo Set - Pot & Pan - BestargotCamp


1100ML Pot with Pan Ti-Combo Set

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  • Pure Titanium TA1
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Bestargot 1100ML / 1600ML Pot with Pan Ti-Combo Set are made of TA1 pure titanium using a advanced manufacturing process. Camping sets in our outdoor plus range consist of various combinations of frypans and saucepans with different dimensions and design. This allows you to choose the combination that suits you best, whether cooking whilst at a campsite, boating, hiking, or away lightweight camping.

              • WEIGHT:  200g
              • SIZE: 4.7" (120mm) (Dia) x 4.1" (100mm)
              • MATERIAL:  Pure Titanium TA1
              • CAPACITY: 37 oz (1100ml)
              • Titanium Pot
              • Titanium Pan

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 7 reviews
              Try it! You Won’t be disappointed !

              so I was looking for a pot set and wanted to find something that offered both Boiling / cook-pot and camp cup. I personally wanted it to fit my Soto Windmaster stove along multiple sizes of fuel canisters and my cook kit.
              And still be lightweight.

              I’ve taken this out now I half a dozen times I’ve used it to boil to make hot chocolate to make mac & cheese Raman and even make up some powered eggs while out camping.
              This pot performed flawlessly. I believe in part due to adjustability of my Soto stove and the size of the pot combined gave me the adjustability I needed to lower the temp and raise the temp according to what I was cooking. I’ve noticed no scorching no warping of any kind it looks like the day I bought it.

              Nice multi-person pot for camping or backpacking

              Great pot for multi person outings, very light, sturdy, lid doesn’t snap into place, but they never said it did, & I’m fine with that. Hard to beat Bestargot titanium stuff, for the price. Well pleased with this purchase.

              but quite durable and nice to have

              whatever material is/are used for the handle may not hold up to whatever heat on which you choose to cook as titanium is more resilient, but quite durable and nice to have. took it snow camping and it came in very usefully. could risk putting it directly into coals, but, again, the handles may wear over time.

              Good pot

              Thinking I needed to burn in my bran new Bestargot gasifier stove I decided to also experiment to see how fast it boiled water. During this experiment the flames were licking the handles of my titanium pot. I was worried the grip material would burn. When I carefully grabbed the handle(s) I was shocked to find that they weren't even remotely warm and showed no sign of burning. In my opinion, it would be foolish for any backpacker or survivalist not to get the Bestargot1100 ml pot and gasifier stove as together they're extremely light AND they nest! A++ for sure!

              Just get one allready.

              Light weight. Easy to clean and room for all the extras in one easy to pack little kit. Big enough that to get the job done but still only takes up a little room in my pack. I don't think I'll be replacing this any time soon.

              Strongly Built

              The use of durable materials is our craft.

              • Environmentally friendly material
              • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

              Lighter and Stronger

              Titan's biggest advantage is its ultra-lightweight performance. Titanium is 45% lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum.

              For Camping & Home

              Product design should always be portable for backpackers. But it is also an excellent home application and decoration.


              As a company driven by "Love for Nature", we understand the importance of sustainability, and our commitment to sustainability begins with our products. As part of this commitment, we launched the Product for the Planet™ program.