Camping Charcoal Grill, Design portatile
Bestargot Wood Burning Campinggrill
Camping Charcoal Grill, Design portatile
Camping Charcoal Grill, Design portatile
Bestargot Wood Burning Campinggrill
Bestargot Wood Burning Campinggrill Content
Camping Charcoal Grill, Design portatile

Camping Charcoal Grill, Design portatile

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  • Food Grade Stainless Steel
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Riunisci intorno alla griglia per ottimo cibo e ricordi.

La griglia da campeggio pieghevole BESTARGOT è realizzata in acciaio inossidabile resistente, la più elegante grill a carbone sicuro e facile da usare e facile da usare per la griglia reale. Imballabile, portatile e modulare, usa il BESTARGOT Griglia da campeggio Burging Wood per creare un incontro ovunque. Ottimo per patii, balconi, picnic, tailgating, campeggio, cene settimane o grill-together speciali.

    • Dimensioni: 7.9"W x 6"D x 8.7"H
    • Materiale: Food Grade Stainless Steel
    • Fonte di carburante: Charcoal, Wood, Gas Tank
    • Peso del prodotto: 1,3 kg
    • Max. Temperatura operativa: 750ºF (400ºC)
    • Garanzia: 5 Years

    The Bestargot wood stove was used like a campfire in campingfire.

    Legna Burning Pixel-Grill ™

    La grill a carbone versatile, portatile, safe-safe-safe-safe

    Acciaio inossidabile

    Acciaio inossidabile spazzolato
    • Componenti interni in acciaio inossidabile al 100%
    • Facile da pulire e lavaggio della lavastoviglie

    Solo e condivisione

    Le dimensioni giuste
    7,9 "(l) x 6" (w) x 8.7 "(h), la dimensione prefetta per il campeggio da solista e può anche condividere con il compagno di campo.

    Design modulare

    The Pixel-Grill ™
    Tipo di scheda Design modulare, assemblaggio flessibile, consentendo di aggiungere vari componenti

    "Oh! Questo pixel-griglia è fantastico! "

    Ottimo per la colazione all'aperto, bello per la pancetta. Facile pulire. Facile da usare e produce cibo straordinario.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Emma Müller

    Der Hobo ist der beste, den ich bisher habe. Der Zusammenbau ist wirklich kinderleicht, er fasst genug Brenn-Material (schöne große Öffnung), ist absolut sauber verarbeitet und von hoher Qualität. Selbst ein längeres Feuer verzeiht er einem und verzieht sich dadurch nicht. Das Packmaß ist super, das Gewicht geht in Ordnung. Wir haben auch darauf gekocht mit einem Topf und auch der Grill kam zum Einsatz. Alles top. Absolute Kaufempfehlung.

    Peter F.

    Gute Qualität zu einem super Preis. Leicht zusammensetzen und wieder zu verstauen. Funktioniert prima.

    David "Wald Wolf"

    Guter Hobokocher/Grill. Wenn man weiß wie man ihn aufbauen muss ein klasse Teil.
    Nur das Gewicht ist nicht so toll.
    Aber davon abgesehen kann man ihn weiter empfehlen!
    Er löst meinen alten von L****a ab.


    I can't say anything about the durability, I only tried the grill briefly and today and spontaneously loved its functionality and size. Brings a great heat output with incredibly little wood. Works almost like a wood gasifier ... there is almost no ash left. The wooden board (used deliberately as a base) has not been damaged either. Smoke development hardly worth mentioning, of course with dry wood.
    All around super satisfied and a very clear purchase recommendation.


    Really a great, small outdoor grill 👍 After a short time you get the hang of it and the grill is set up. Once fired, it is a real pleasure to watch the grilled food sizzling. If you are looking for a good outdoor or bushcraft grill, this one from Bestargot is really very good. The only small drawback: sometimes the edges of the individual grill components could be a little smoother ... but that's whining on a high level 🤠