Camping Titanium francese pressa caffè
Camping Titanium francese pressa caffè
Camping Titanium francese pressa caffè
A man is pouring coffee with Bestargot Titanium French Press
Camping Titanium francese pressa caffè
Camping Titanium francese pressa caffè


Camping Titanium francese pressa caffè

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  • Ultra-light Titanium
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Realizzato in titanio puro ta1 utilizzando un processo di produzione avanzato. La stampa francese offre un'esperienza di caffè elevata, sia a casa che in natura. Il titanio a parete singola può essere impostato direttamente su una fonte di calore per far bollire l'acqua, semplificando il processo di produzione del caffè. Accoppiarsi con il campo barista Barista Grinder o acquistare il set di latte Cafe. Puoi usarlo conCarriera tazza isolata termica insieme.

👉Più dettagli

  • Peso: 200 g.
  • Dimensione: 3.94 "(100mm) (dia) x 4.33" (110 mm)
  • Capacità: 25.3 oz (750ml)
  • Materiale: Pure Titanium TA1
  • WEIGHT: 200g
  • SIZE: 3.94" (100mm) (Dia) x 4.33" (110mm)
  • CAPACITY: 25.3 oz (750ml)
  • MATERIAL: Pure Titanium TA1


  • Titanium Cup
  • Titanium Cup Lid
  • French Press Filter

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Martin Steen
A must for coffee lovers.

Mine have a wooden knob on the press, I wish I had the metal one. Wooden knob near a fire, it's all black and burnt now. I completely love this pot, I don't go out into the woods with out it.

They must listen to customer feedback becuz..

When I bought this about a year ago, It had a stainless steel cap for the plunger, and I just noticed they changed it to wood :D The stainless steel cap was the heaviest part, I know I weighed them all to the gram :D happy to see the change I just took mine off ,

YEA!!!! REAL COFFEE !!! .... not instant!

I did a test run on my kitchen stove, using the lowest flame. It took a little while to bring the water to a boil. The Press worked perfectly. I chose this model because of the large flat button that makes it simple to push down the press. No grains escaped. YUM. REAL COFFEE.

Robert Brown
Light and right!

The side handles could be a little bigger for larger hands. Over all its a great product so far.

Daily Llama
Uber Light Weight

Ive been using this even when Im not camping. The coffee tastes much better than in my coffee maker and I get it faster

Strongly Built

The use of durable materials is our craft.

• Environmentally friendly material
• Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Lighter and Stronger

Titan's biggest advantage is its ultra-lightweight performance. Titanium is 45% lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum.

For Camping & Home

Product design should always be portable for backpackers. But it is also an excellent home application and decoration.


As a company driven by "Love for Nature", we understand the importance of sustainability, and our commitment to sustainability begins with our products. As part of this commitment, we launched the Product for the Planet™ program.