Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot
Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill - Grill - Bestargot

Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill [Only Available In US]

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The Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill is made of durable stainless steel for a lifetime of use. Packable, portable and modular, use the Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill to create a gathering anywhere. The five piece set includes Grill Net, Grill Bridge, Adjustable 3-layer Bracket, Baseplate and Carrying Case. 

Isn't the sizzling and scented barbecue on the grill the greatest fun of an unforgettable outdoor BBQ? Bestargot launched a three-layer outdoor barbecue grill, hoping to make outdoor party lovers eat more enjoyable.

👉More Details

  • WEIGHT:  <16.5 lbs (8.5kg)
    • SIZE: 14.4" (365mm) (L) x 14.4" (365mm) (W) x 13.6" (345mm) (H)
      • MATERIAL:  Stainless Steel
      • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Suitable for outdoor picnic, camping, BBQ and Campfire. Can be cooked and cleaned quickly. Bestargot BBQ and Fire Grill is very easy to assemble and disassemble storage.
      Bestargot Camping

      We believe gathering with others outdoors is an antidote to the stresses of modern life.

      Built Tough

      The use of durable materials is our craftsmanship.

      For Backpacking

      Product design thinking always to be portable for backpackers.

      Why Bestargot

      Fair Pricing

      We have unparalleled enthusiasm for our products and many years of product design and manufacturing experience. We're able to keep quality high and costs low by selling direct to you and avoiding traditional markups.

      Know You Well

      Bestargot's products are known for having the low bulk that outdoor enthusiasts need, as every ounce counts as a burden on your journey, whether it's ten or a hundred kilometers.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews

      I must admit I was a little worried about dropping £100 on a BBQ with very few reviews but I’m glad I did.
      We needed a new BBQ for camping this year so I started to do my research, most of the small collapsible BBQs are mass made with thin materials — just with different logos stamped on.
      This one stood out as it was the only one of its kind I could find (there’s a website from the manufacturer but that’s all I could find — even a reverse image search only returned the Amazon listing, suggesting that it’s currently one of a kind.
      And what a one of a kind it is! Yes it’s a bit heavy but the materials are substantial and overall it’s very well made; but still it collapses to a manageable size.
      Being able to adjust the height was an added bonus as not many portable BBQs have this feature and being able to remove the grill completely for prep and easy cleaning is excellent design.
      We used it three times on recent camping trip to Cornwall, and each time I was impressed with how well it performed. It really is solid once it’s clipped into the base (which also acts as an ash catcher, if used as a fire pit I can see this also catching any wayward wood) and cleans up lovely after use.
      The grill sheet it’s self is sturdy and even with no flexing whatsoever — even once it’s on the heat. It is also big enough to fit plenty of food for 3-4 people. Somehow the handles on the grill sheet also manage to stay cool enough to lift off if necessary.
      If I had on small niggle it’s that adjusting the height one it’s lit can be a bit fiddly especially when trying not to lose some food on the grill.
      I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty impressed overall and it’s definitely worth the higher-than-your-usual portable BBQ price tag, but this isn’t your usual portable BBQ and it’s worth every penny.


      Wow, this grill is substantial! The steel is thick and should last a long time. It's almost 20lbs. in weight, so this is not for the backpacker. I got this for our RV. It folds up nicely into its own carry bag, so it's pretty compact. I like that it has its own catch tray on the bottom that both keeps the grill unfolded and catches drips or ashes directly under it. I also like that the grilling surface is adjustable - not many portable grills I've seen can do this. There is room for about 6-8 hamburgers on the grill, depending on how large you make them, or room for a couple steaks, or several kabobs. This could even substitute for a small campfire by burning wood in it without the grill on top.